She is done.

Writer: Nada el Nady

“Wipe off your tears my little dear” “Don’t make me cry too,” I say

My boy sniffles and then scoots near

And I try to keep my tears at bay “Come here, my boy.” I open my arms

And around his body my arms I draped

But he flinches and cowers in alarm

And I couldn’t hold the sob that escaped “Don’t be scared” I choke through a sob

After I see him flinching, even from me

My poor heart starts to forcefully throb

As I witness what his father let him be “He is now gone” I try to persuade

As I open my arms for him to come again

He starts to seem slightly unafraid

And I let out a sudden cry of pain

As I hold him tightly to my chest

And assure him that he is now safe

That his father now has come to rest

And they’ll no longer endure his chafe

She could no longer take the blame

With life, she’s unable to cope

She knew this man will stay the same

She had lost the tiny tinge of hope

Her husband now has met his lord

To be punished for all his fatal sins

Her son is a loss she couldn’t afford

So their new life from now on begins

A new life free of the usual beating

A life where she has no price to pay

A life where herself she is not cheating

By chanting on “He’ll change one day” “Mommy, are we both finally free?” The mom stares lovingly at her son “Yes, love” his eyes are filled with glee

And she tears up realizing she’s done.