Dear Society

Writer: Mariam El Sanabary
Editor: Maram Mohamed

Dear society, I write to you.

Why did I write ‘dear’ when I hate you?

Right, because you taught me to.

I am sorry I don’t follow the rules.

Allow me to announce what I want to do.

I will keep my voice down, like you asked.

Hide myself behind a mask.

And probably go back home by dawn.

Look in the mirror and sing a song,

a lullaby that no one understands.

The one my demons and I quietly share.

A symphony that speaks it all.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Tell no more lies of who we are”

On other days, probably by dusk, 

I sing this song with lust

“Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Who is the fairest of them all?

Could it be me or no one at all?”

So, thank you society for your rules and all 

But I am not one for you to control. 

And when you respond to my last song, 

When I sang it all alone,

Whispering in the dark for my own soul 

Begging for the answer from the unknown 

“Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Who is going to kill us all?”