Chains of Gold

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Artist: Randa Alhawary

“Truth be told, You’ll never know, 
What it’s like to be unknown, 
To be hidden and unnoticed, 
That’s a feeling you never endured, 
And most likely wont;
Controlled by everybody’s command and not your own,
Everything you did was of exemplary role, 
You had liabilities, 
You never got to know your soul,
You never formed a real smile,
And you didn’t have the ability to say “No”;

However, you say that you’ll soon break out of your hold
You’ll start over,
You’ll rewind all those opportunities that were once lost,
And you’ll melt all those chains that were made of gold,
You’ll put your efforts to purposeful use, 
To you, 
For you, 
And not for everyone that surrounds you
So, we’ll wait and behold, 
To see you live a life that has never been foreseen, 
A life you never deemed to be real.”