Abandoned Hearts

Writer: Sara Mohamed

End after end,

We do solely see;

Between the devil

And deep blue sea.

Observing no option, but

From this strain to flee,

Bringing an end 

To what about to be.


We say life is a magnet

That all faith attracts;

We call it the moon

That with hours contracts.


Head drawn down,

No rose to be found,

Lookin’ back and forth 

On the deserted ground.


Sight blurring tears,

Shutting our eyes;

Four letters, it takes

To overcome fears.


Surrounded by light

Yet, at shadows, we peer.

The utmost spark

With our soles, we cease.


If only we knew,

That hope was the barque

Against crescendo breeze,

Catching fierce winds, 

Brightness to seize.


Hope was the rose,

Vivid tints of blood;

Held by a heart,

Crawling in the mud.


Only one question 

That unanswered left,

Searching for clues

To a holograph theft.