By: Farida Ahmed

Photographer: Nagham Ahmed

• Equilibrium

Little did she know, nature contemplated and pondered over her shine.

As her breath heaves through the icy snowflakes, she glances admiringly at the low setting snow

How it sits plain in sight, day and night.

December’s snow broke her heart.

With glossy eyes, she contemplates the cadet grey sky,

Gusts of wind ruffled through her body just how it was supposed to,

And for the sake of her shattered soul, the sky poured downfalls, patting the fragments of her fractured soul back together.

And as the sky drizzled down her blood vessels, her fire wouldn’t go out but one thing for sure I knew is that,

February’s downpour made deep in her veins.

She shut her eyes close,

Turning on her other senses,

Glistens of sweat trail down her tanned forehead,

She gives in to the universe,

Letting closure fill her hopeless lungs,

Hope dances its way back into her bones,

And as the humid air dances on her skin,

Something made sense,


She realized, July’s serenity is the antidote. Maybe July’s warmth could mend December’s eerie cold and February’s thunderstorms.

she opened up her eyes, and held the sky in her iris.

The feel of the leaves scrunching beneath her muddy fingers has never felt this good.

She found where peace lies. And she’s headed for it.

And as she pondered with dewy eyes

Her eyes changed hues

and so did the snow

and so did the sky

and so did the leaves.

-And nature has never felt better to have a color close to her eyes.