Writer: Hania Mostafa
Editor: Abdulelah

Unspoken words… how much power they have over us! “Stay” is one of those words that often goes unspoken when it’s actually meant. But why is that? Why are we afraid to use that word so much? How will it affect us? Will it break us? Or will it heal us? It’s such a dangerous, terrifying word to say or even to hear. 

It’s just a four-letter word, isn’t it? 
For some people, yes that is all what it is, a meaningless four-letter word. 
On the other hand, for other people it’s a raw confession telling the other person that you want to fight through this. 
That you are not willing to give up yet. 
Do you realize how hard it is to forget about your ego and give in to the possibility of being rejected? 
Saying this word and meaning it requires an amount of courage that is definitely not for everyone. 
Everyone can say it, but can everyone really mean it? 
Absolutely not.
Before you say it, ask yourself: 
What did you do to get this person to stay? 
What are you planning to do to get through this harsh reality? 
Are you sure you’re willing to do everything you can to never let this person feel unwanted ever again? 

Let’s move to the receiving end of the word.
Hearing a person you love so much say these words while your mind is struggling to convince your heart to leave is one of the hardest situations a person can go through. 
I know that they say that the hardest thing a person can do is to walk away from someone they love, but I believe the opposite is true. 
I truly believe that staying through it all, fighting through it all is even harder. 
But let me tell you something. 
Not every relationship and every person deserves another chance. 
If this is a situation that you can’t go back from, then I believe this is your cue to leave. 
Or let me put it in another way: Of your heart agrees with your mind about letting go, then this is it. You have to let go no matter how hard it is. You have to choose yourself. 

Can you imagine now with me the amount of unspoken feelings and thoughts behind this single four-letter word?