Just Some KGs on the Ground

Writer: Zee Salem


Walking down the streets,

Found some shadows

Scattered around her sides

Light stands were her first thoughts

Until the figures were sculptured

Anxiety intensified,

Breathing rates escalated,

Sweat started forming from her forehead,

Her steps starting taking a different pace,

The higher pace caught their attention.

She felt fingers holding her mouth tightly,

An arm tight around her waist,

Within seconds,

She found her feet above the ground.

She tried screaming

But her voice wasn’t able to escape his fingers.

Unconscious after force was smashed on her head,

She woke up with water splashing on her face,

Found herself tied up on a bed.

She begged for her release,

But they were too hungry.

They ripped her white blouse & it went on & on,

Until all her flesh was shown,

Their eyes glinted with starvation

Like they haven’t eaten in weeks,

Shivering as they caressed her skin,

She was left with tears.

With this inevitable rape,

She gave a little whimper of protest,

But they didn’t have sympathy

She was just like some pounds of meat.

They got all the soul out of her,

After they gobble up her flesh,

They left her with no soul,

Shivering in tears,

Just some bones on the streets

Now left bruises,

Not just physically,

But also mentally.

The bruise of being cheap;

Feeling of being used,

Feeling that they took her for granted.

Why make her feel that just for your satisfaction?

Did hurting her make you feel better?

Does that mean you’ll never do it again?

I assure you boy,

That’s a no.

This feeling is inevitable,

You’ll always want more.

Don’t turn into a beast,

That’s just found to scar.

Just because of your own scars,

She now will never be the way she used to;

She will always remember what you’ve done.

A rapist is a wolf to his victim,

An animal with no heart that deserves death.