Path to Self-Acceptance

Writer: Salma Mohamed

Editor: Doaa Saady


In case you’re still blaming yourself for being not good enough, for being left by your boy/girlfriend, in case you still feel insecure about most things in your body, the stretch marks located on different parts of your body, in case you hate looking into your mirror every morning, in case you think you look ugly!

Here are my words to you, you are beautiful and I love you… 

You have to start accepting yourself, to start loving your acne, how pale and tired your face might look some days, the dark circles surrounding your eyes, because no one is perfect.

We all have to stop seeking perfection, because these are the things that make you who you are, what make you different in your own way. Why shouldn’t we accept ourselves as we are when those are the things that keep us REAL?

Stop comparing yourself to other people, stop belittling yourself, stop the sound inside your head that forces you to please people, you don’t need that! You just need to love yourself a little bit more, to accept yourself more. Social media is setting a FAKE beauty standard that you do not need!