Writer: Aya Elsaiedy
Editor: Abdulelah Bu Tarfi

She always walks those crowded halls; a billion thoughts running through her mind. She stumbles into people and walks away, without any further approach.Her friends constantly ask her, “What’s wrong?” but to no avail. She doesn’t giggle at silly jokes anymore and easily takes matters into offense. She doesn’t run around anymore with glee filling her eyes and voice. Sighing deeply is her contemporary way of breathing. She wants it all to end, but she’s unsure when all of it has started. No one seems to understand that changes occur. They can’t handle seeing a different version of her. She feels at fault because of this. She became abhorrent of her being. Can’t look at herself in the mirror without thinking “What is this unsightly creature….?”  “We are all born so beautiful. The greatest tragedy is being convinced we’re not.” Over time, she seems to overcome the fact that she doesn’t need anyone’s insurance. Her own will forever be more than enough. Wilting roses need sunshine, and no sunshine is brighter than that of a happy soul, gleeming with love and homage to itself and the world that surrounds it. Be your own sunshine.