What Happens if We Cross Out the Word “Favorite”?

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Designer: Maram Mohamed

Who am I? 

I love summer vibes, but winter clothes are definitely my favorite type.

I’m a modern girl, but I still fall in love with vintage stuff.

I love jazz, but if you give me rock, I’ll still vibe to it ’til midnight

I adore the color black in everything, but I also love being surrounded by bright colors.

I dream everyday of traveling the world, but home and family are so precious to me that I can’t imagine life without them.

I love having breakfast while basking in the sun, but I still feel magic when I watch the stars and moon at night.

I love the journey and experience of reading a book, but I still fall in love with movies and everything that composes them, from acting to soundtracks.

I love the thrill of watching a horror movie, but I still feel so light and ecstatic while watching a romantic comedy that gives me butterflies.

I can’t go a day without coffee; just the smell of it sends me to another world,

but still, one of my everyday essentials is my cup of tea at night.

When someone asks me about my favorite food, my favorite color, my favorite season, I struggle to find an answer. Because why should we have only one favorite? I feel like we should experience all that we can and not feel pressured to enjoy only one type of something. Don’t be afraid of getting asked “What’s your favorite__?”. Tell them “I have no favorites. I love them all”. That doesn’t take away from your identity as a person. On the contrary, it gives depth to your personality. You stop becoming a compilation of your “favorite” things and instead become a compilation of experiences. Just let go of the word “favorite” for once and try living your life without this nagging reminder that you have to be ready when you’re asked “What’s your favorite__?”.

That way, when you ask yourself “Who am I?”, you’ll proudly say “I’m a person that wasn’t afraid to let go for once, that wasn’t afraid to have a free spirit in a world where constrictions surround us everyday.”