Break Time: Movie Suggestions

Break Time Movie Suggestions cover image

Written by Mariette and Farida Abu Suliman

Edited by Ahmed Ashry

We’re sure that nothing could take our minds off stressful exam sessions and get us ready for vacation other than a good movie. Or maybe a movie marathon? Watching movies with friends, family, or even alone is a fun and enjoyable form of self-care.

 So, these are some of the movie recommendations that would get you hooked from the first minute and guarantee you a well-spent time.

Tick, tick… BOOM!

“Tick, tick… BOOM!” is a musical biographical movie that revolves around the artist Jonathan Larson’s touching life story, his passion for theater, and his bumpy road to success. You will find yourself laughing, crying, dreaming, and almost included with the characters and attached to their storylines. Andrew Garfield’s performance as Jonathan Larson was emotional and powerful and will make you feel connected to him from the beginning to the very end.

In my opinion, this movie might be one of the best tributes to Jonathan Larson’s life and achievements and will excite people to know more about the great artist and his work.   

About Time.

“About Time” has been added to the list of our favorite movies for a while now. Its story revolves around Tim, who discovers his family’s secret that their men can time travel! Unexpectedly, Tim starts thinking about how he could use this power to improve his life, experience better love, and relationships, and create perfect memories. We watch Tim’s journey during the movie and how it goes. Does everything go as expected? Or do some things go south? You’ll have to watch and see.

The Truman Show.

What would you feel if you realized your life isn’t real? What would you think if you knew your life might be a TV show? These are questions that Truman in “The Truman Show” asked himself. In this movie, we witness Truman discover the truth behind his life and try to find answers and solutions. You will definitely get attached to the movie’s enjoyable story and Jim Carrey’s outstanding comedy performance.

Murder Mystery.

Murder Mystery, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, is a Netflix original mystery-comedy that follows a married couple on vacation, where they encounter a murder case and attempt to solve it. This movie is unique because it combines Sandler’s comedic sense with

the twists and turns of murder mysteries. In addition, this movie reunites Sandler and Aniston, and their chemistry on-screen adds to the movie’s fun and engaging mood. And because people loved it so much, Netflix announced that they are making a sequel. So, check out Murder Mystery and keep an eye out for more information about the second installment.


Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, is the movie adaptation of a novel by the same name. It follows a girl who starts playing a game of dares, where she wins money for every dare she completes. The game takes her on an unforgettable journey, where she meets other contestants and flights to stay in the game. The story is interesting, with pleasing visuals, it attracts the audience from the first 5 minutes and fixes you to the edge of your seat. So, if you’re looking for an action movie with a new story full of excitement, go check out Nerve. We hope you like the list of movies we recommended. Make sure to get your popcorn ready, enjoy the movies, to tell us which one is your favorite!