Struggles of a Teen

Writer: Renad Khalid

Photographer: Amr Essam


Teenagers face real issues on a daily basis; they go through hormonal changes, puberty, and social, parental and school pressures. As a teen, I’ve faced a lot of issues during a short period of time just like many others, so this is a pretty relatable topic for most.

Body Shaming can be one of the biggest issues in a teen’s life. Being not confident about how you look, affects a big part of your life. Imagine waking up in the morning not wanting to glance in the mirror just so you don’t catch your reflection. The thing I never understand is how some people don’t get that it’s not okay to comment on someone’s body. It’s not okay to ever comment about something a person can’t change in less than three minutes. Nobody chooses the way he/she looks.

Most of the problems are mostly related to school, though. As we grow up, our responsibilities and ambitions grow with us. At the age of 17, you are forced to decide what you really want to do in your future. You choose what subjects you’ll have to study and if you’re gonna be able to handle them or not. This itself, is a whole other propaganda in a teen’s life. Just imagine, your whole future is affected by one decision and you don’t even know if the choice is right or not.

The thing is, a lot of teens also have to keep the “what will society say” if I choose to be something that I want. This is the first thing that would come to their mind, which is really toxic. This is your own future and you’re the only one who should have a say in how it’s planned, you might accept advice from close ones like your parents or friends, but never let someone’s opinion kill your dream.

Teenagers need all the support they can get. Their loved ones’ emotional support and guidance should be provided instead of always being blamed for everything they might do wrong.Try encouraging kids instead of blaming them for everything and watch the world change.