Why I’m glad that I’m not ‘the Chosen One’

Writer: Nawaf Almahdi

Why I’m m glad that I’m not ‘the Chosen One’

Newspapers and Magazines from time to time present honor students and social media influencer in enviable situations, and who can blame people for striving to be like them. I for one neither am an honor student nor a social media influencer; however, I am somewhat content in being neither.. well, I mean readers and I do want to be honor students, and we can!

Social Media ‘influencers’ and honor students have some things in common:-1- Strive for success2- Desire of approval from others3- Stressed 

Now, the strive for success is something that almost everyone desires for themselves, but sometimes this success can be a source of growing arrogance, and it may even prevent us from being more successful if selfish notions began to build in our heads.

The desire of approval from others is secretly built into our systems, and not all honor students nor influencers have it, but this trait can be rather toxic if one does not posses enough self-confidence. Sherry Gaba, a Licensed Coach, Psychotherapist, and a writer in Psychology Today magazine comments on this matter, stating that “validation is part of being interdependent and relying on the feedback and encouragement of others around us. Even very independent people still need validation in some aspects of their life; however, they are also able to accept their own self-validation if they do not get it from someone else”. Being validated occasionally feels great! However, this should not make readers feel any less than they are, because if you can prove to yourself that you’re capable, your psyche will be convinced.

Finally, stress is a common factor when someone is under the spotlight almost constantly, and what makes me content not being a social media influencer is having to worry what to say next, and how it will affect my image. Readers can identify this when reading tabloid newspapers and magazines, celebrities and influencers in flames because of a scandal or a controversial issue, and one should imagine themselves having been chased daily by paparazzi and by rabid fans who do not possess boundaries with others. Furthermore, having to create new content on a weekly or monthly basis is an additional stress, where originality should be a top priority depending on what you serve to your audience. As for honor students, they have to keep a certain criteria when applying to Ivy League universities, and these educational institutions only pick the crème de la crème, or in other words, the best of the best. Honor students also need to be proactive all the time, taking part-time jobs, internships, volunteering, and even managing clubs in school or participating in it. 

In conclusion, I feel content for who I am today because everyone has their own capabilities in life, and no one should feel pressured by society in deciding change one’s own destiny to meet the desires of others.