The Middle of the Way

Writer: Sarah Mandor

Editor: Doaa Saady

It takes patience, determination, and effort to reach something you want.

In the beginning,

You will be driven by passion, a huge amount of hope, and the image of the output that you drew in your mind will be a great motivator.

Then, by time and challenges, you reach the point many of us find the hardest.

“The middle of the way”

You feel drained, the image you drew in your mind is corrected by reality, passion feels not enough, the road seems to be endless, and you are out of energy…

I believe that the middle of the way is the most challenging part of any destination, in this phase your belief in your abilities, your belief in God’s strength and abilities, and even your passion all of them are being tested.

If you are in the middle of the way of something, I hope you remember why you started, I hope you look at the road and try to make it enjoyable as much as possible, I hope you believe in your abilities and God’s abilities before everything.


I also hope you look at the road and see, was this the right road or will I complete it out of stubbornness?

Is this my place?

Am I pushing a wall?

Am I wasting my time?

I hope you understand that being determined and hopeful is great, but being realistic and wise is more important at some points.

Then comes the end,

Either you change your road and start a new journey by the experience you got from the previous one,


You reach the destination, only then all your worries, stressful days, sleepless nights and anxious thoughts disappear…

And what remains is,

A strong person who knew how to fight for what they want when they chose what really was worth the fight.