AFCON2019: Egypt

Writer: Abdallah Sobhi

We all witnessed Egypt winning the pride of hosting the AFCON 2019 over South Africa, with all but one African nation voting for Egypt. The African Cup of Nations is one of the best known prestigious competitions not just in Africa, but also in the whole world. This version in Egypt is special though, with 24 nations participating in it for the first time in history! This competition has very strong nations this year. Some examples are Senegal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and last but not least, this tournament’s host: Egypt. The Egyptian national team is willing to go all-in this time with very high hopes, armed with the factor of the land and fans since all the matches will be in Egypt. Last version, the Egyptian team went really far and just barely lost against Cameroon in the final on their land with a score of 2-1. This time, Egypt, the nation that has the most AFCON titles with 7 in total, has several motives to win. First of all, the players would do their best not to disappoint their fans on their land. Also, most of the current players in the Egyptian team have no AFCON titles, so they have no better opportunity to bolster their football career with one. Add to that the fact that there are world-class players like the Egyptian football star, Mohamed Salah. Speaking of Salah, he is actually the most expensive player in the AFCON 2019  with a value of roughly 150 million euros! He is the most one who needs this title—not just to aid his national team and make the Egyptian people happy, but also because it is a massive step toward being the best player in 2019! All the Egyptian people of all genders and ages—even those who aren’t that much into football—can’t wait for the AFCON 2019 in Egypt to start, and they will be present in bountiful abundance to cheer our national players in all the matches, hoping the cup will end up being in Egypt this year!