Welcome Onboard

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Doaa Saady

She took her luggage and headed towards the airport. The airport, that is both a beginning and an end. A beginning for people deciding to start a new adventure in a new city, and end to an adventure for the people returning to their homeland. She finished boarding, but she still had time until the time of her plane. So, she waited in the airport café. She waited while looking at the people coming and going. She wondered about the story of each and every person passing in front of her. How can a place hold so many stories of people from all around the globe? People welcoming others, while others saying their goodbyes. How much emotion did this place witness? Families welcoming home their kids who were studying abroad. People saying goodbye to their hometown and getting ready to continue their lives in another country. All kinds of beginnings, and all kinds of endings. A tear fell from her eye as she felt emotions taking over, but it wasn’t sadness. It was hope. It was optimism. It was anticipation for what’s coming. 

“This is the final boarding call for passengers booked on flight 372B. Please head to the gate”

She took a deep breath and stood up, heading towards her assigned gate. She kept walking, and with every step she took, she felt powerful, confident. She boarded the plane and took her seat with a smile on her face. Maybe people will look at her and wonder to themselves why she’s walking with such a huge smile on her face. She didn’t care, she kept this smile on her face. 

“Good afternoon passengers. Welcome onboard flight 372B. We are expected to be in the air in approximately four minutes”

She looked from the window and thought “wow! How can the world seem such a small place from above? It’s like I’m seeing a piece of every place, forming a huge puzzle called the universe” Her eyes shut and she experienced one of the most peaceful sleeps of her life. She opened her eyes to…

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Hope you had a peaceful flight. The local time is 10:00 am. Temperature is 20 degrees Celsius”

She stood up and started getting off the plane. As soon as she stepped out of the plane, she took the deepest, most satisfying breath she ever took. She inhaled all the fresh air filled with new adventures and positivity and exhaled all the bad memories and negativity. She looked around her and readied herself for the adventure of her life.