Trust: It is What It is

Writer: Sara Mohammed

Some people compare trust to paper, that once crumbled, will never be entirely straight again; once wet, will never be smooth again; and once contaminated, will never become fully white again. A paper surrounded by threatening flames, given to you to be protected and held over the head like a crown that must never fall off. They say trust has a cover of vulnerable glass, and with every scratch, it becomes more unclear, until it eventually becomes as opaque as the deep blue of the night sky.


Trust is said to be hidden behind a labyrinth created by its owner and may vary in length and complexity. Sometimes more than one labyrinth is connected so that if one is lost, the others will burst with it. Few people choose to hold it on a deserted, inaccessible island, one that people may never reach or touch, a place hardly seen by its proprietor. 


In some cases, it is seen as the indispensable base of every relationship, and when damaged, will pull down all of the hardships that were built on it.


Trust is easier to be given than to be gained; easier to be lost than to be gained; and easier to be broken than to be guarded. It is a gift that, indeed, needs to be appreciated and held tight, away from all danger and threat. Trust deserves and is worth the effort of being gained back. We need to trust one another if we seek to go far. Yes, it might take time, but what would your effort be without trust? Valueless. Trust is all we need.