Top 5 Hottest Ramadan Series

Writer: Rawan Mohammed

It must definitely be on your list to top off at least one of these shows everyone’s hyping about from series acted out by Mohamed Ramadan to Khaled Anwar. Why? Because you might be a curious little cat who wanna find out what all this trend arose from and what’s so eye catchy about these shows or you might just be a consistent drama fan. Whatever the reason may be, here are five of the most popular shows this year and which I will admit am biased to because of their superb plots. 

1. Zelzal

First off, one of the most cliche plots come to life as an Egyptian series includes Mohammed Ramadan,a slick, tanned, poor boy who’s family died in the tragic 1992 earthquake. He then is raised up by a Christian neighbor who knew his folks well and plants the most noble seeds in our protagonist who grows to look exactly a copycat of his deceased father(a bit off the top don’t you think director?) Then we join Zelzal(named after the zelzal because he miraculously somehow survived it) in his ambitions of becoming a respected member of the society to marry the daughter of his enemy. 

2. 7ekayty

Considering how pristine Yasmin Sabry is to the acting industry, she has very well gained popularity among the youth due to her stunning Alexandrian beauty. In this series, her mother, Sophia, is a french girl how comes to the “Khan” in expectance of a promising job in a clothes factory. She marries one of the three brothers who own the factory and immediately is prohibited to work anymore because of tradition. Then she gives birth to our hero, Dalida, who faces difficulty with her half-sibling and her careless father and attempts to flee to Alexandria successfully.

3. Qabeel

Qabeel is somewhat an ambiguous story, set in Cairo, that revolves around the mysterious and savage murder and kidnap of various people shared on Facebook by an account called “Qabeel.”. Now our valued investigator,actor Mohamed Mamdouh, tries to link the distorted pieces together to put an end to this absurdity and save the city from the wrath of Qabeel.

4. Zay el Shams

“Zay el Shams” is a beautiful yet tragic story that tells the events of two sisters. Noor(aka Dina el Sherbeeny) is a brave, young lawyer that works in London. She wakes up one day to the pleading call of her mother that claims her sister is missing. Several day after  she arrives to Egypt and many peculiar events take place, she comes to the revelation that her sister was found dead in the Nile River. She seems to suspect the nature of her death and begins to investigate for possible abductors.

5. Zodiac

Now, this one is pretty much one of the shows that really has everyone on the edge of their seats. “Zodiac” explores a journey a group of college students are forced because of the project they did last semester. Peculiar things begin to take place and they are left terrified and confused. Ancient Egyptian spells, magic and myths come to life and hunt each of them down. We quickly learn that 12 different people are meant to die, each from a different zodiac sign. But, is there a way to reverse it all?

Although most of these series seem repetitive or as though you’ve seen similar scenarios to them, it’s always a plus to watch them be represented in a spicy, sassy Egyptian manner! Besides, some of them make the funniest memes out there, so you gotta be on track.