Books Are The Mirror of The Soul

“Books are the Mirrors of the Soul.” -Virginia Woolf

At first, this quote was completely foreign. I did not get it. It felt as though someone put a bunch of words together in a sentence with no message, no meaning. I was most definitely wrong. 

Books really are the mirrors of the soul, in more ways than one. They’re either mirrors of the author or the reader. They could basically go from indicating someone’s mindset to completely shaping it from scratch. 

On one hand, when an author sits down to write, they have to open themselves up. They have to clear their minds of responsibilities and everyday shenanigans and give way to their emotions, their soul. When an author sits down to write, they do not use their hands. They use their hearts. In order to form words, the writer must access the deepest parts of themselves, the parts that have felt pain, pleasure, or both at once. Their words form through their experience. Essentially, said author’s book is basically an amalgamation of their feelings and psyche, reflected upon pages and pages, all brought together for a completely different purpose. But if you read between the lines, you’ll see their experiences etched within. 

On the other hand, a reader’s books are mirrors too. You could see a reader’s personality, what they lack, what they love, what they mourn, what they cherish, and what they yearn to be through their book choices. When the reader’s soul reflects off the book, you can tell, by what they read, how they feel. A person could feel lost, in need of guidance, and is searching for answers in self-help. Another could feel lonely, in desperate desire of affection, and through romance novels shall they quell their hearts’ longing. 

But whereas some read to satisfy their wants, others read to satisfy their goals. Through the characters they encounter and the advice they absorb, they form an alternate personality. When a reader warms up to a character, they automatically aim to mimic the traits they were fond of. On some occasions, books don’t have storylines, but a message. These books’ words soak into the readers’ very beings, and in time, shape them into newer versions of themselves. 

So yes, books are mirrors of the soul. As readers, they either make us who we are, shape us, or showcase who we’re yearning to be.  As writers, it is through our words that we begin to really know ourselves; they enable others to know us as well. Are you a writer, spilling pieces of your soul onto paper, or are you a reader, your books backscattering the very being of your soul?

Only Murders in The Building
As I’m both a murder mystery and a Selena Gomez fan, I couldn’t miss watching
her newest highly acclaimed tv series, alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short.
The show revolves around three true-crime podcast listeners who find they might
be involved in one themselves. This show includes the perfect mix of comedy and
suspense. I got attached to it from its first episode to its last. Also, the elements of
the show were enjoyable, such as the acting, plot, and visuals. I feel excited about
its season renewal and would recommend it!

I came across this show by accident. But after I finished watching it, I immediately
added it to my favorites list. The plot of 9-1-1 focuses on emergency teams, first
responders, and dispatchers in the city of LA. It also shows the drama involved in
these responders’ jobs and lives on and off duty. The show also has a spin-off with
a similar vibe called “911: Lone Star”. I enjoyed this show and found it thrilling,
exciting, and with fast-moving stories. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Strangers Things
It took my sister a while to convince me to watch this show, as I’m not a massive
sci-fi or fantasy fan. I thought about trying something new, and honestly, I did

enjoy it. Stranger Things is a show about a group of friends in the 1980s who
discover mysteries of a supernatural world and its dimensions. During the show,
we follow their journey facing all the upside-down creatures and saving
themselves. I liked watching the characters and their remarkable developments
over the years the most, and I think that is what made me connect and engage with
it. But the thing I disliked was the length of the episodes, I found them too long.
However, I will be waiting to watch the final season once it is released.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
In my opinion, this show is very suitable to binge-watch with your family during a
gathering or a vacation. It is a Netflix original show with a story that revolves
around three orphans on a journey to discover the mystery behind their parents’
death, adapted from a book series with the same title. It might not be a favorite of
mine, but it was very entertaining.

And that would be the end of my recommendations list for now. I’ll make sure to
keep you all updated with its newest additions. Please feel free to recommend and
share your favorite drama or mystery tv shows!