Types of High school Girls

Writer: Shahd Mohammed

High school is the place where you meet lots of new people. People in high school are creatures of different natures. So, here are types of girls I encounter in high school or are myself:-


The Fangirl

You can recognize her by all the celebrity gears she owns. When she speaks to her friends -who are just as obsessed as she is- her breathe gets shorter and her words more inaudible. 


The Loner

She is the girl who is always alone or appears to be. She is ashamed because she wants friends desperately but lacks the skills to gain them. She will often try to sit next to others or join a group, just to feel like she belongs.


The Nerd

They come in different types but what unites them all is their esoteric interest in some subjects. There are book nerds, video game nerds, YouTube nerds, etc. Nerds usually befriend other nerds and bond over their nerdiness. They often disregard fashion trends. 


The Romantic

She is always involved in romantic relationships and prioritizes her romantic life, always. She is inseparable from her boyfriend. Well, until they break up.


The Athlete 

She is always seen holding a bag into the gym before or after school for tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming or some sports practice. She is always ensuring that her athletic identity is visible at all times. She can be studious without giving off a nerdy vibe. 


Trendy Wendy

This girl is all about trends, fashion, beauty, and all that. She follows fashion trends and news almost religiously and wears the latest outfits. She looks older than she is due to her sophisticated makeup, hair and outfits. 



This is just a sarcastic article. I never meant to make fun of anyone’s character.