How to: Maintain a Stress-free Life.

Writer: Johnny Abi Younis

Photographer: Amr Essam

School, essays, assignments, projects, quizzes and exams: they are all too stressful, aren’t they? All these demanding piles of paperwork can turn your life upside down; make it more stressful than it already is. I bet that while you’re reading this, you have tons of unfinished assignments, urging you to complete them. I also bet that you very stressed and anxious about how on earth you’re going to finish anything. Well, worry no longer (worrying won’t get them done) ‘cause I have a few tips on how to become less stressed. So, I hopefully can motivate you to start doing your work and to stop procrastinating. (For starters, you should probably switch your phone off)

 1-   Organize your time:

Organization is one of the keys to success. You can start off by making a list of the things you need to get done, and then make a schedule. You should know how to divide your time, and you should also decide a certain amount of time to spend on each subject and/or assignment. For example, you can take 30 minutes to memorize three history paragraphs, 10 minutes for each. Also: don’t forget to take a break. Stressing yourself into oblivion isn’t going to help, really. But make sure that the ‘break’ doesn’t take more time than the studying does. *I caught you, didn’t I?* *wink*

2-   Do not waste time:

Do not, and I repeat: DO NOT waste your time. Don’t travel to another dimension while you’re studying. Daydreaming can be saved for another, more suitable time.

You should also know how to spend your breaks. Don’t just run to your phone during every break, but go to the toilet instead. Get yourself a drink, water preferably: you need to stay hydrated. Also, grab a healthy snack! You need to refuel, and it’s better to study when the gurgling from your stomach isn’t distracting you.

3-   Eat healthy:

Eating healthy and staying hydrated will help you focus, and will make you feel better overall, trust me. Also, you won’t need to worry about gaining any unnecessary weight if you eat fruits instead of chips.

4- Get everything you need before you start:

-“I forgot my pen.”

-“I left my binder in the living room.”

-“My laptop is in the balcony.”

No, honey, that’s just you trying to procrastinate and waste time. Make sure you have everything you need before you start so that you don’t have an excuse to get distracted or wander off.

5- Switch off your phone, and stay away from any distractions:

Switch off your phone, or put it on airplane mode while you’re studying. No one can resist the sweet, alluring ring from their phone, calling for them and demanding their utmost attention (aka distracting them). So, switch your phones off. That text can wait and that call can be returned later. And no, your best friend won’t be aggrieved if you don’t reply in an instance; I’m sure they care about your future as well.

 6- Don’t be scared or diffident to ask:

Don’t shy away from asking questions in class; you have all the right to. If you still need any help, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher after class. You can also ask your friends or even get a tutor; it isn’t wrong or deplorable.

 7- Have faith in yourself:

Now, this is the most important tip. If you’ve been paying attention in class and studying regularly, you’re just one step away from success. That step is believing in yourself.

In conclusion: you should never give up to stress. You can’t succeed if you’re always scared and anxious, or if you firmly believe you’ll fail. Be confident (confident, not arrogant) in your abilities, because you CAN and WILL do it.