It is a New year.


Writer: Nada el Nady

 As the countdown starts and the clock strikes 12, we all get ready to throw our past year behind, looking forward to a new, fresh start, free of all our past worries and mistakes. We start thinking about all the opportunities that this year could possibly hold, all the changes we’ll possibly go through, and all the people we’ll either get to meet or get to leave behind. However, what we mostly miss is looking into what this year had taught us, all the valuable life lessons that would contribute to us becoming better people.

One of the most important thoughts we’d have to keep in mind is the fact that not everyone stays. We keep on forgetting that people come and go, and instead, we mourn the loss of those who left us and forget to cherish those who stayed. Some people are like seasons, ever-changing, bringing about them lots of rain and storms. However, we shall treasure those who are like stars, following you with every step you take. Moreover, as we further experience heartbreaks accompanying the perpetual motion of people into and out of our lives, we most often tend to hold grudges against them, forcing ourselves to deal with a tremendous amount of pain that we often can’t and won’t be able to handle. Learn to forgive people for their benefit and yours. This way, you’re ridding yourself from unwanted stress and sorrow, and them from the guilt they’re bound to endure.

When it comes to most of us, we either tend to worry about what will happen next, dwelling on the fact that no one knows what the future holds, or we keep waiting for that specific incident in the future that would be the key to our happiness. We tend to forget that if the moment slips from in-between your fingers, you’ll never get it back. Don’t waste your life worrying about what happens next and live the moment that you’d never get to experience twice.

The sun is always up in the sky after a long night of profound darkness to remind us that there is always a bright side to every situation. Seek this side in whatever you do, and you’ll always find the amount of positivity capable of providing enough energy to push you further in your path.

Those examples are just a few of what we often learn as we move from year to year, but if we don’t follow them and take each and every single one of them into account, then we are not meant to live the true happiness that life provides, and our doubts and insecurities will forever be blinding our vision in every step of the way.