Sherlock TV Show Review

Writer: Raghed Hamza

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

The name “Sherlock Holmes” is renowned around the world as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brilliant and sly detective Sherlock Holmes in his books. Upon hearing the name, some people picture a Victorian-era man, meanwhile others picture the modern-aged main character of BBC’s Sherlock.  Sherlock follows the lives of a twenty-first century version of Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and his sidekick, John Watson, played by Martin Freeman. Each of its four seasons comprises of three, ninety-minute episodes, where Sherlock solves the most bizarre of cases with his cunning ability at deduction. Usually containing more than one per episode, a lot of the cases originate from the books, with their own modern twists. 

​The series contains a lot of original characters from the books, such as the iconic Mycroft Holmes-who is played by Mark Gatiss-Sherlock’s politically powerful and clever brother. The encounters between the Holmes’ brothers usually reek of hilarity, bringing a laugh to any viewer. Another character is the notorious arch-enemy of Sherlock, James Moriarty, played exceptionally well by Andrew Scott. Another important persona in the series is Irene Adler- played by Lara Pulver- the notorious woman who spreads chaos wherever she goes and steals Sherlock’s heart. And of course, John Watson and his spouse Mary Watson, both of whom help Sherlock on cases. Many characters who are not present in the books have been added to the show, such as Molly Hooper, Redbeard, and many more.

​The show’s brilliant and talented actors and actresses bring the full energy of Doyle’s adventurous stories to life in the form of a motion picture. The plots of every episode tie in with each other, each leading up to a great and final problem that Sherlock and his friends must face. The characters and their actions change very much throughout the series, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

​Sherlock is a highly rated TV show that every person interested in mysteries or just loves Doyles’ amazing detective should watch.  The show’s clever techniques in the modern world provide many lessons to the viewers. Viewers will not be able to wait to discover how the next episode’s story unfolds. They will be fascinated by Sherlock’s amazing art at deduction skills. Everything in Sherlock has an intuitive yet complex explanation, and that is what defines its greatness.