Art Therapy

Written by Farida Abu Sulieman

Edited by Ahmed Ashry

When people face difficult times, environments, or experiences in their life, the best advice other people could give them is to seek professional help. And most of the time, the “help” referred to is psychotherapy or counseling. But psychotherapy might not be the perfect option for some people. Therefore, there are always several other types of therapy that might benefit them more.

One of the accessible and beneficial types of therapy is Art Therapy. Art therapy is an expressive form of therapy where artistic, creative abilities, and human experiences combine to improve a person’s mental health. 

The process of art therapy focuses on engaging several art exercises (painting, drawing, doodling, sculpting, etc.) under the guidance of a therapist to express feelings and emotions and produce more optimistic ones using a non-verbal way.

Art therapy positively affects people with different mental health struggles; it can help overcome traumatic experiences, anxiety, and stress. In the long term, art therapy assists increasing happiness and creative intelligence.

Children and teenagers aren’t the only age groups that could receive art therapy, engage in its sessions, and find it suitable for them. Art therapy is designed for all age groups, from kids to the elderly, and can provide efficient results to different people of different ages.

The one thing that could decide whether or not art therapy is the right choice for people is themselves. If a person likes creating art, express their thoughts productively instead of just talking. Then maybe art therapy suits them best. 

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. What do you think of therapy? And art therapy methods? And do you think it would fit you and your interests?