Egyptian Creatives You Should Check Out!

Writer: Noor Walaa

Editor: Duha

Designer: Maram Mohammed

Nowadays, the pace of life is as quick as lightning, and the focus of each and every working mind is his/her role in society. Sounds great, yes! However, we must not forget to slow down and listen to our heart’s deepest desires, and to the colors that wait in our minds, eager to be discovered; our hobbies and what we truly enjoy doing and/or creating.

That is exactly what some people did. They live a life like anyone else’s, here in Egypt, yet they never isolated their hobbies, but used them as a way to open a business and share their talents all at the same time. Lets share their journey, and participate in their story. Here, in Milkyway, we shall introduce them to you!

`1- The Portpholio

Firstly, we have got the amazing, aesthetic, trinket artist, (𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝓹𝓱𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐨), who embraced the beautiful energies one can give off with the way they dress and with what they wear to make her aesthetic artwork. She focused on the little details, though, such as bucket hats, tote bags, mug mats and more. As our beloved artist quotes, “I’ve been in love with aesthetics and how one person can give off certain vibes based on the way they dress and such. But I found out it isn’t just the clothes people put on that make them radiate a certain energy, but also the little hidden trinkets! Clay pins, bucket hats, hand-painted tote bags… these things can be customized into anything.” A very popular theme which she uses in her shop, and one we have never seen another Egyptian artist use, is Cottagecore.

And when asked if she ever feared the difference in style would not be understood by some, that’s how she confidently replied:

“Not really. I believe with the right color palette and editing, I can bring my ideas to life. At the end of the day, some people may not see the pattern I’m trying to maintain, but that’s ok! I think anyone can see it however they want to see it, as long as they appreciate, as much as I do, art and all things handmade with love “

The Portpholio’s Founder

The clay pins, shelf pals, and desk coasters are 100% handmade! She buys the tote bags and bucket hats from other small businesses that’s sells them and adds her own little artistic spice (paint) to them herself! 

The inspiration behind her cottagecore collection: The little things in nature and the country side life we all fantasize and dream about, such an immaculate theme! And so with lots of research, she created pins that can revive earth-toned or pastel fits, and shapes that are associated with an enchanted dreamy forest, such as grandma’s marmalade, phunky phroggo, dreamy strawberry and many others. For the bucket hats, she made four main designs for the bucket hats: cow print, mushroom, and the basic cottagecore hat. 

Examples are breathtaking hand-made products, such as this pretty tote bag:

Everyone should definitely check out her instagram page: @theportpholio_eg

2- Shams W Ward

The story began with two sisters, who always loved to build and create things with their mother, and with every painting, with every creation, they placed their own signature. Shams (sun) and ward (flower), which is where the name came from, and where the project idea originated. 

The two sisters use their artistic views to create trays, key chains, and accessories; such as earrings, all by the hand, making different extraordinary designs that make you fall in love almost immediately.

What makes their products even more interesting is that they are totally eco-friendly! The sisters said that they have always cared about the environment, and while spending their childhood creating pieces from polymer clay, they realized polymer clay is only more harm to the environment than good, and so they decided that shams and ward products will be made from clay they make themselves at home too! Handmade clay and handmade and painted eco-friendly products with eco-friendly packaging as well! How mesmerizing!

One cannot deny that those advantages can have another plus; the beauty of the outcome!

Participate in protecting the environment and decorate your life! Check out their Instagram page: @shamswward

3- Artistic Zone

A High-school senior painter, a normal girl who has always loved colors ever since she was a child. At 13, she discovered a spark in her hands; a talent that allows her to paint her mind on canvas.

At first, she feared exposing her works, a drawback of insecurity, but when she realized that her dreams were too big to remain hidden, instagram was her way out to the world!

There, she painted her heart and showed it to you, selling her art so that it can beautify every home, she has had her work displayed in art galleries before, yet she won’t ever stop at that point, nor at any point for that matter, for to define is to limit! 

Check out her work, here and on her instagram page: @_artistic_zone

4- Mohamed Fawzy Kutp

Mohamed Fawzy Kutp is an Egyptian Photographer, Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He saw beauty in his home town, in the simplicity of the people and of the streets, in the bustling city vibes and in the peacefulness of old Egyptian lanes hidden between buildings. Capturing the art of a moment is a marvelous talent seen in his shots, and in each shot you fall in love with the Mediterranean bride, Alexandria, even more. His shots are proof that everything is art, that art is hidden in every little detail all around us, that it takes a peculiar eye to catch the colors of the wind. Open your eyes with our talented photographer and see the different perspectives portrayed in each shot.

His Instagram account, where the art lies: @mfawzykutp

And at the end, I can conclude that this is definitely not it, for artists are numerous existing all over our beloved country, and it takes an open mind, and an open heart, to truly appreciate and see them. Open your eyes to the future. Milkyway wishes you an artistic, beautiful day.