5 Activities-To-Do When Free Other Than Netflix-ing

Writer: Rawan Alshiwy
Editor: Abdulellah

Isn’t it quite striking how we waste countless amounts of time on petty activities? As generations evolve, demands and expectations have to be met. Our generation comes in a very preoccupied age, where criteria has drastically increased since the last generations’ holders. We, the current holders, then logically have to meet and excel at those demands by doing something other than Netflix-ing. Think of it as a 360 degree self-growth; It is something you do for your own benefit, not just for your CV. Plainly put, these 10 things will efficiently put your time into good use, for you and you ONLY! Without further due, let’s get started!


When scientists (and well practically everyone) stressed the vitality of reading, it wasn’t out of thin air. Reading has bountiful benefits to the individual. For example, according to scientific studies, reading boosts brain power and enhances imagination. You don’t have to be a researcher or a scientist to read because all of these advantages apply to all people. In addition to all this, reading educates individuals about culture diversity and allows them to acquire basic knowledge. And as the Arabic saying goes “if every room in every house had books, we’d be a more useful nation.”


Sometimes,when you’ve had your share of the lot, you’ll need to free yourself of everything- all responsibilities, duties, deadlines,etc. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do other than going for a hike with your family to the top of the mountains, or go on a roadtrip in the middle of the night with the radio blasting. In the end, what you choose to do to relieve yourself should leave you happy and stress-free in the end.

3. DO SOMETHING FOR YOU(because love always wins)

For each and every one of us, there’s something we enjoy doing the most and brings us endless pleasure. Do the things that you feel passionate about. If you love drawing, keep on drawing no matter how busy you get. Returning to the old always brings us comfort.


Take a portion out of your day or week to quietly meditate and mull your goals and ambitions. Doing so will help create a clear vision of your current position and your future prospective. Meditating is a broad term that includes many activities like yoga, but you can redefine mediation your own way. For instance, you can light candles and calmly contemplate.


Life isn’t just all about taking, It’s also hugely about giving. Giving is a form of satisfaction, and whoever masters it, masters life. Why giving? Because when you give, other people’s joy spreads to you. Start today by doing something simple like giving chocolates to young children and I guarantee you’ll be positively charged for the day.