Event Highlights: TEDxManaratAlFarouk

Writer: Habiba Suliman

Editor and Graphic Designer: Maram Mohammed

Photographers: Omar Fares and Omar Fathy

Everyone enjoys a good TEDx talk, right? Because who doesn’t enjoy attending an event that features amazing and accomplished speakers who leave you speechless? That’s exactly what TEDx Manarat Al-Farouk was.

Each speaker gave the audience the very best of himself. Some, if not all, speakers at TEDx Manarat Al-Farouk shared their personal narratives and experiences with the audience in order to motivate listeners and perhaps even prompt them to reconsider their decisions. Since the event was so long, I’ll tell you about some of the speeches that stood out the most. 

Does money buy happiness? – Ahmed Abozaid

Ahmed Abozaid’s kicked off his talk about happiness and success by asking the audience the million dollar question, “does money buy happiness?”. He believes that it does, but only to a certain extent. He simply stated that If you can be successful and happy without money then, my friend, you own the world.

in life, you’re either a passenger or a pilot, it’s your choice. Be the pilot of your life. – Abdullah Amer

Another quote that stood out was one said by Abdullah Amer. He said, “in life, you’re either a passenger or a pilot, it’s your choice. Be the pilot of your life.”

Addiction is an abnormal solution to a normal problem – Muhammed Hazem

There was also Muhammed Hazem’s talk that tackled addiction and the process of recovery. And just like he said, “addiction is an abnormal solution to a normal problem.”

Who am I if I am not on the field? – Nour Ehab

Then comes the famous Egyptian world-champion in karate, Nour Ehab. Nour went above and beyond to achieve her dream, but then chose to renounce as she went down a rabbit hole of “who am I if I’m not on the field?”. It was a truly insightful talk that ultimately changed our perspective.

Banan Khalil

Banan Khalil is an artist that graduated from the school of applied arts and came to us with the performance of drawing a random person from the audience and drew them in 4 minutes!


Lastly, there was Mamado who traveled 650 KM on his bike from Cairo to Taba. He is the epitome of persistence. 

The event did not only give us the chance to listen to insightful talks, but to also check out different businesses and volunteering opportunities such as Stiqa, Bareeq, Family prints, and Kon 3ainee

Simply put, TEDx is the kind of event that leaves you jittery with dreams and enthusiasm and the will to conquer the world. So my dear friend, go conquer the world.