Traverse 2021- An Answer to All Your Doubts

Writer: Maram Mohammed

Editor: Khaled Mohammed

If we could use one word to define our highschool years, it would definitely be “confusion”. High schoolers are often tasked with alot of vital decision-making over a short period of time, which undoubtedly stresses them out tenfold. What if I pick the wrong major? What if I pursue the wrong career? Such questions are very likely scratching at the back of your mind right now, but what if we tell you that we have one answer to all your questions? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your answers lie within the biggest highschool students’ summit in the Middle East: Traverse. 

Traverse, powered by iSpark Egypt, is the biggest highschool students’ summit held annually in the MENA region. It takes place over the course of two days, during which you’ll attend, apply for, and participate in a plethora of key booths, workshops, activities, internships, scholarships, and exchange programs that aim to help highschoolers find the answers to all their questions and provide them with opportunities to build and prepare for their futures. 

In Traverse, you’ll find university representatives from universities all across Egypt AND all over the world! There’ll be career mentorships held by instructors and field experts to provide you with in-depth info about certain careers, internship opportunities, student activities such as MUNs and TEDx’s, and your favorite public figures as speakers! 

This year, Traverse will be held on the 26th and 27th of February in Platinum Club, New Cairo. Tickets are currently available for booking, so make sure to catch yours! 

(Seats are limited this year due to safety precautions)