Helpful Resources For Students

Written By Hagar Ezzo
Edited By Ahmed Ashry
Graphic Designed By Maram Mohammed

With summer coming to an end, we’re all trying to hold onto those last rays of the sun, the remnants of our mid-July tans, and most importantly, the feeling of being free. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and the school year must start again! But – it doesn’t have to be as hard as every other year that’s gone by. Whether you’re still in school or are a college student, one of these resources is bound to be helpful to you!

Finding your Textbooks Online
There’s a pretty good chance you’ll no longer have to spend money on your textbooks, thanks to websites like,,,, b-ok. cc, and You can search by ISBN, book title, or author and watch the results pull up! If your textbook isn’t there, you can request it to be available for download as well.

Google Scholar
If you type in “google scholar” after any search, all the results will be scholarly work. This is extremely helpful if you’re writing a research paper and need academic sources, or if you’re searching for a certain piece of work!
Instead of manually citing sources, Zotero will store your sources and import them in whatever citation style you need, and can even create in-text citations for you! (Google docs also has a feature like this, if you click on Tools, then Citations!)

Useful for students and writers alike, ZenWriter is a beautiful writing free writing program that you can find online. It has backgrounds that you can customize, plays music while you work (you can import your music too!), fonts, and customizable keyboard clicking sounds, it’s everything you need to get in the mood for writing.

Notion is an “all-in-one workspace”. It’s a day-to-day planner that helps you organize your time, projects, and assignments. Open it on your laptop or your phone; it’s available for all platforms. Not to mention, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. I strongly believe that the more aesthetically pleasing something looks, the more it’ll help my productivity.

We know it’s not the easiest being a student, but these resources really can help you – and there are plenty more out there! No matter how hard it gets, we believe in you. If you ever feel exhausted, don’t be afraid to ask for help or take a break, and don’t forget to take care of yourself.