Football (POTW) Player of the Week: Cristiano Ronaldo

Writer: Abdallah Sobhy

We’ve all watched the UEFA nations league this week, amid a long international break after most national leagues have ended. Portugal faced Switzerland on Wednesday, and the Netherlands faced England on Thursday. This week’s POTW is more of a traditional one, but he fully deserved it. He’s none but the rocket of Madeira, Cristiano Ronaldo! He had a wonderful night on Wednesday, after a splendid hat-trick, leading Portugal to win against Switzerland 3-1 after a very tough match. In the first half, Ronaldo scored from an outstanding free-kick, tricking the Swiss GK(Yann Sommer) and leaving him watching the ball enter the net. In the second half, Switzerland scored the equalizer after VAR interfered to grant Switzerland a penalty, which Rodriguez successfully netted. After that is when Ronaldo really came in handy! He scored two “artistic” goals back to back in two successive 80+ minutes! After a match in which Switzerland gave their best and had the upper hand in terms of chances and possession, the password to the Portuguese win was “Ronaldo”!