Writer: Mariam Bileta

  It’s a feeling you get when you’re satisfied with your life and what you have. Contentment can also be the fulfillment of one’s expectations or desires. For some it’s being alone. For some it’s causing no trouble. And for some it’s being with their friends and families. But these aren’t the only definitions of contentment. Everybody defines contentment in his/her own way. 

   I think that in order to find happiness, you need to find contentment, and in order to find contentment. you need to accept your fate and overcome your troubles. Sometimes I feel that we cannot properly live our lives without encountering some conflicts and catastrophes along the way. They make us stronger. Just stop, mull it over, and you will find yourself learning a new lesson from each conflict. Everything happens for a reason you will sooner or later discover. 

   It’s a choice. You either choose to be content with what you have and your decisions, bringing you happiness, or choose to be discontent, which will only be a waste of your time and a source of your misery. You need to find what contentment means to you and work towards achieving it, ‘cause you only live once.