Writer: Marwan Mohamed

Traditions, ethics, customs, cultures, call it whatever you want. These are the names that we give to the way of thinking our parents pass to us. Our parents got it from their parents, their parents got it from THEIR parents, and so on. Just because it has been running in the family for so long doesn’t mean it’s right because that way of thinking could be incorrect, unviable in our current time, or just plain wrong. It’s our generation’s responsibility to have enough of an open mind to accept that “YOU” could be wrong, and have the bravery to admit that and start changing our thoughts and believes for the sake of raising better generations.

The problem goes beyond just wrong thoughts and beliefs, it’s about admitting you’re wrong. Who the fuck said that admitting you’re wrong makes you weaker? If any thing, it only shows that you’re a mature human being and that you’re willing to admit your mistakes to be a better person, a better and enhanced version of yourself. It raises people’s respect for you and it raises your respect for yourself. People will see you as an honest person who has room for improvement. Admitting you’re wrong takes courage, people know that, so if you’re fearing judgment then don’t, no one will judge a person who is trying to improve. There is no better or easier way to admitting that you’re wrong than saying “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I will try to change.” This may seem too simple but when admitting you’re wrong, less is more.

Back to our main topic, your views and beliefs may be wrong. No one is wrong-free, it’s impossible. The thing is that some are willing to change their views to improve, while others keep on insisting that they’re right and you’re wrong. They will even try to force their views and beliefs on you because them being wrong isn’t even a choice. You should always have your own beliefs and views, and never withdraw them because of someone. It’s okay to be influenced by someone, but not to take all of their beliefs and thoughts to make them yours too. It isn’t right; it cancels you and you won’t have your own opinions or thoughts about anything. So always conclude your own thoughts, your own views, your own beliefs. Be your own self and never be worried about expressing your different thoughts just because they’re different from your family’s beliefs, or anyone’s, actually. We are the generation that is supposed to correct many things the previous generations got wrong, we are supposed to be the future, so don’t let our future be based on the past’s wrongful beliefs and thoughts, let it be based on yours.