5 Apps You Need to Survive This Summer

Writer: Rawan Elkahky

5 apps you need to survive this summer

I can’t be the only one who always gets drained and bored during the summer. With summer finally here, you’re probably fed up at this point as you’ve worked so hard all year waiting for this moment, and yet it’s been incredibly boring. So, I’m here to help by introducing you to 5 apps that’ll lighten up your summer, keep you busy, and track your health.

1- Kindle E-reader

If you enjoy reading like I do, but don’t like hauling a bunch of books around, download this app and enjoy as many e-books as you want. You can use it on the beach, at the airport, or wherever your summer takes you.

 2- Anghami

What even is summer without music? Summers are built around playlists and fun. Anghami helps you find the perfect soundtrack for your summer and play it wherever you are. Sure, there’s a good chance that you’re already using it, but check out the playlists specifically to getinto that summer spirit. It’ll always change your mood and make your summer even better!

3- Plant Nanny 

A cute little app that just reminds you to stay hydrated, a task we all forget about. The secret of having a healthy life is just water.

4- Happify

This is a self-care app. What’s special about it is that you can set goals regarding your mental health, something a lot of us neglectduring the summer. But it’s not only important during summer; I think it’s incredibly helpful during exams and finals because you’re so stressed then and need something to calm you down. 

5- Nike Training 

We rarely think about exercising duringsummer, but we still need dat beach body am I right? This is the perfect app for exercising at home or anywhere. I’ve used this app forages, and it’s helped me a lot. You can set your level, select a plan, and adjust yourtimes. 

Don’t forget to enjoy this summer!