Why You’re NOT In Control

Writer: Hagar Ezzo

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Designer: Maram Mohammed

If you’ve been following us for a while or even just recently, you’ve probably read our
article titled “How to Start Living, Not Just Existing”. Hopefully, you took something away from
that, because this is an extension of that article/concept.

So, you’ve realized that you need to start living your life and actually take control of it,
instead of falling into an endless cycle of mundane activities. But, how do you do that? The
question can be hard to answer alone, so here are some reasons you’re not living the life you

You’re Not Motivated Enough

The biggest and most common reason that you’re not accomplishing a certain goal or
plateauing is lack of motivation. If you want something, don’t expect the journey to be easy.
Whether it be getting a promotion, traveling abroad, getting a degree, or any other long-term
goal you have in mind, expect struggles along the way – but don’t let that demotivate you!

You’re Surrounding Yourself with The Wrong People

No, this doesn’t mean you should cut off all your friends and hang out with businessmen and
women, but if the people closest to you aren’t at least supporting your goals or supporting YOU,
they’re probably not the best people.

You Don’t Have a Plan

It’s easy to want things. It’s easy to dream, but it’s hard to actually do. And the art of execution
is exactly what planning is. You don’t have to make an intricate list with 300 steps, but it’s nice
to know where to start! Even if your first step is “getting out of bed”, it’s good enough.

You’re Rushing Things

Let’s say you’re motivated, you have a plan, but you’re still not where you want to be yet. And
that’s fine. Things take time. The whole “overnight sensation” thing is just a hoax, people take
years and years to get to where they want to be in life, so patience is key.

You’re Waiting for Something to Give Your Life Meaning

A lot of us are guilty of this one, even though we may not know what it even means. If you wait
for something to give your life meaning (whether it be a partner, a pet, an occupation, etc.), you
become codependent on that thing. If that thing gets pulled away from you, you’re back to
having no meaning in your life. But the truth is, you’re the one who’s supposed to give your life
meaning. Don’t wait around for something to come along.

Hopefully these tips help you answer some questions you may have had, and remember that life has no handbook! There are no set of rules that you have to follow in order to live a good life. Do what feels right, think outside the box, and chase your dreams.