A Journey Through Art Styles

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

So of course we won’t have time to go through each and every art style, but I just picked some of the most popular. Get ready to go on this artistic journey with me. Here we go! 

Pop Art: 

So pop art started as a movement in the 1950s till the 1960s. The main approach to this style was getting inspired by popular culture, especially advertising and commercial posters. It all started with young artists revolting against traditional, conceptual art that doesn’t directly touch their lives. So pop art allowed them to include a touch of Hollywood, movies, shows, advertisements, product packaging, comic books, etc… Pop art is known for its vintage elements and popping colors.

Abstract Art:

Here comes the art style that many people till now do not understand. For abstract art, people usually absolutely love it or hate it. Abstraction has been around since the Renaissance. As a definition, it is isolating the depiction from any reference points from real life. So why is abstract art even important? Basically it deepens our imagination and creates a unique artwork, since you are not actually showing the “object” itself, but instead using lines, shapes, and colors to give the “feeling & vibe” of this object.


Minimalism has been around since the 1960s, and it specifically started in New York, United States. This style started as a revolt against abstract expressionism and its “extra” usage of symbolism and dramatics. Minimalism usually focuses only on the essential elements of an object, which are always the elements that give the object its essence and identity.


This movement started in Germany in the 20th century. Expressionism depicts the emotions that certain subjects trigger instead of depiction of the object itself. A famous example of expressionism is “The Scream” artwork by Edvard Munch.