The perfectionist artist

This type of artist is, unsurprisingly, quite the perfectionist. They have the ability to recite their writing piece for you because of how much they read over it, and they change the piece 100 times only for them to go back to their initial draft. Their gallery is basically a compilation of 25-video clusters each with the same outfit that translates to “I’m repeating this song cover till I get the high part right”. Their gallery as a photographer is no different: 20-picture clusters of the same picture that to us look exactly the same but to them are each completely unique (it’s a matter of either the fly that flew by at the second of capturing or the invisible, unequal distribution of light on the flower’s petals, maybe even the sea wave that went lower than the last shot). If they draw on paper, then either expect endless pencil erasures surrounding the desk, and thus, pencil lines all over the paper, or 50 scratch papers piling up in the garbage can near them. This is mostly why this type of artist as a painter usually resorts to graphic design, but more than anything, the button mostly being pressed is undone. Despite tiring themselves in the process, we can’t help but admit how perfect the final outcomes come to be after they reach the result they wish, and this is when they don’t actually mind being the perfectionist they are.