Types of Love

Writer: Mariette Ehab

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

As a hopeless romantic who’s seen more rom-coms and cheesy coming-of-age movies than I could possibly count, I am terrible with romance. I really want to hold on to the idea that it’s perfect, that reaching love will be like swimming in stars.

But I know romance and relationships are messy; they take effort and energy. I remember doing that one project: the artworks about emotions, and I remember never being satisfied with Love. I now understand that I haven’t felt the type of love I dream of, the one in movies, shows, books and music.

But I have felt love, and I know it. I have felt my mother’s love ever since she held me the first time and I will forever say that she is my first love. I have felt my friends’ love whenever we were in a peak state of euphoria; late at night, laughing, joking and simply enjoying each other’s company. I have felt my father’s love in every hour of every day that he worked to provide for me. I feel God’s love every day because of every single detail he puts in my life. I have felt my friends’ love every time they opened their arms for me when I ran to them crying.

There are types of love that are kept private, ones we don’t usually think of right away. Even though I may not know exactly what love is, I do know is that I have felt it every single day in my life.

As a hopeless romantic, I am not sure when or where I will experience the type of love I want, the love expressed in every art form. However, I do know is that I have experienced types of love that are subtly hidden in every form of art.