Being a Writer

Writer: Renad Khaled

Being a writer isn’t as tedious as people seem to think; however, you do occasionally face some issues.

As a writer, you have to submit your article’s idea a few days before submitting the actual article. The main issue isn’t the writing of the article; it’s usually the brainstorming that has to be done in order to come up with feasible, good ideas. In the beginning, it isn’t that difficult to come up with good topics to write about as your mind is still fresh and filled with ideas, but as time passes and you write many articles, you start to have a difficulty in coming up with new ideas, which is exasperating and at the same time, an impediment.

When this happens to me, I usually take advice from my friends or ask for their help. This doesn’t work all the time because we all think differently, and what interests others won’t always interest you, no matter how riveting they claim it is.

When I’m done with writing my article, I always ask for my friends’ opinions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not confident or sure of my writing, I’m simply interested in knowing how others view it.

I find writing a source of escapism from reality and how harsh it sometimes is. It is a way in which you can describe things the way you want to, to express your emotions freely with no restraints.

It’s also a good way to spend your spare time; however, it gets harder to write when you become busy, with no time to spare. School, assignments, exams, etc. are major obstacles in the way of writing, as they take up all of your free time. They are barriers between you and the writing you love and enjoy.

What makes writing more thrilling is the fact that people read what you write. You can convey your emotions and opinions to people; your voice is heard. It helps you with getting things off your chest.

Writing has been very helpful and beneficial to me, and it disheartens me when I’m not able to write; to do the one thing I love.