Book Tropes That Need to Stop

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Designer: Maram Mohamed

There are just some book tropes that are so overdone and cliché to the extent that I just can’t stand them anymore. So I decided to tackle some of these book tropes and rant about them a little bit with you. So buckle up, everyone!

1- Love Triangles
Ladies and gentlemen, I have to begin with one of my most hated tropes. I just believe that sometimes writers add a new love interest when there is a couple already there to include more action from the jealousy to the fights. I admit that there were some rare times (which is like two or three times) when I actually was not bothered by a love triangle. I AM LOOKING AT YOU CASSANDRA CLARE. But come on writers, I don’t need in the middle of an end-of-the-world fantasy book to worry about which love interest the girl is going to choose at the end of the book!

2- Not Like The Other Girls Tropes
I don’t think I can count how many times I read about a girl who is being told that she’s not like other girls. What annoys me the most is that from this point on, the girl herself believe it, she sees herself differently, they start to change. Suddenly, the girl suddenly becomes the main characters in the books. Why can’t normal girls WHO ARE JUST LIKE OTHER GIRLS change the world? I mean give us something to relate to as ‘normal’ teenagers sitting at home reading about these characters.

3- Insta-Love
Once upon a time, a girl met a boy, and 3 days later, they fall in love. End of the story.
I present to you a very annoying book trope that I’m just fed up with. This trope usually appears in young adult books, and I need it to stop because they’re undermining the meaning behind the phrase “I love you”.

4- Villains Who Are Evil Just For The Sake of Being Evil
I personally love reading about complicated, complex villains that intrigue me and somehow force me to try and understand their motives. So when a writer includes a villain that starts killing everyone out of nowhere, and when they’re asked about the reason behind all of their actions, they simply reply by saying “I kill people just because I can”. That makes no absolute sense! Want to write a good villain, give them a backstory, a motive that force the readers into a never-ending dilemma.