The Importance Of Setting Your Goals

Writer: Renad Khaled

Photographer: Nagham

Setting your goals is very important as It’s basically like telling your self, you are going to reach to this certain thing and nothing will stop you.

Some people say, letting things happen by themselves is better than thinking too much about it. I can’t say that they’re wrong, but when things are related to your future or something you really want to achieve, you can’t really abide by it.

I’ve seen numerous types of people. Some succeeded, and some didn’t at all. You’d be really surprised to get to know the reasons why they didn’t achieve anything in their lives. People who didn’t set their goals or just thoroughly thought about what they exactly wanted, most probably failed. That’s because they simply didn’t know what they wanted. They couldn’t decide what they are interested in. I had a friend of mine who was older than me. She was beyond successful (putting in mind that success is subjective).

She was quite persistent to pursue medicine. And as years went by her persistence never faltered.

A few days ago, she posted that she is officially : “At faculty of medicine in..”

Being so committed about something itself is very challenging and the fact that you are capable of chasing the same goal throughout your whole life needs a lot of self-discipline. The special thing about it, is the relief you’ll feel when you finally get what you want. It definitely will be amongst the best feelings you’ll ever experience.

I can’t say that you can succeed without any obstacles. If you want something, you’ve got to work hard for it and face all the difficulties with patience.

Always remember, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.