Peace Lingering Ahead

Writer: Rana H. Ezeldin

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

A thought lingers coily obsessing the lonely nights, what is the phenomenon of inner peace? Maybe it is the genuine feeling of being possessed by pure mercy and hope. Maybe it is a sudden sensation of being peaceful, tranquil and guilt-free. A cloud of ecstasy and youthful euphoria that gives you a shove to keep you going. A ferocious leopard that awaits its royal existence calmly and wisely.

Being lighthearted gives you energy and revitalizes you with extreme enthusiasm. Like a beam of light that flickers all the way through a translucent windowsill, triumphed by its victory. Like something eerie that pulls you tight without any doubtful desires. Like a delicate song that hooks you in from the first melody. Like the chirping of the charming canaries on a unique day, a breeze that cleanses your soul. Like a ripple of the quiet ocean, all worries are washed away- left to vanish, replaced by exquisite ambiance. Like the truth that sleeps in paradise, awaiting its verdant awake. Like a vivid rainbow that swipes your agony away, leaving you joyful and totally soothed. As tepid as a little dew droplet that leaves the place with an  ayurvedic aura. Like something so delightful and impenetrable: unchanged, intact.

What a fresh feeling this is.   

Always remember that inner beauty always starts by inner peace. Inner peace is the satire treasure that will render you to a world that is calm and safe. Always try going for inner peace, it’s a blessing. Overwhelmed by it, you will feel a great difference. To make a difference, you need to have inner peace.