It’s You

Writer: Haidy Wazeery
Editor: Khaled Mohammed

We all have darkness inside us. Darkness that’s ready to consume us and take over our lives. We aren’t born with this darkness. We accumulate this darkness over the years and through bad experiences. Once a bad situation triggers this darkness, you will change. You will find yourself starting to lose interest in everything around you. Even things you used to love and do. Those people you used to talk to and chat with? You will now find them boring and take their words too seriously. You will start seeing life from another perspective. A dark, complicated one with no bright sides. 

You will begin to hate yourself in the process. You will despise everything you do and even how you look. You will only focus on your flaws and will forget all about your perfections. Your energy will be drained, and your soul will be stained with melancholy. You will fail and you will disappoint those around you. Your family will be devastated by your failures and start pressuring you about them, instead of helping you through them. We all know that families don’t understand the meaning of the darkness that’ s consuming you. They know how it feels, but they don ‘t think of it as such a big deal. So, you start hating them too. At first, your friends will be there for you, trying to get you back up on your feet, but what they fail to realize is that you aren’t coming back anytime soon. So eventually, they let go. You only have one option left after your family had abandoned you and your friends have let you down.

            You go to the only person who can understand what’s happening inside of you. The person who knows the answer to it all, but denial is his middle name. Yourself. You are the only person you can trust. The only one who can understand it all yet still deny it. The only one who can get you out of your darkness when you decide so. The only one who has the ability to destroy or fix you. It’ s you. It will always be you. You, my friend, are the solution to everything. You are the only one who can fight their own darkness. You are the only one who can change yourself for the better. You are your only and last choice.