Dear Profound Stranger

Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

dear now – a stranger,
what was all of it for…? you used to be something i grew up with. something more than just company. you used to be family. but now we’re just strangers with some shared memories. now we just hold old photographs that don’t mean anything anymore. we just think of all the good times we can’t take back. and all the bridges we’ve burnt down. all the broken promises and words we’ve once meant. 
now we just think of the midnights that we used to spend on the phone. the long car rides and blasting music, but now we’re driving on our own. 
would you have cared if i told you what you’d done? would you have stayed to fix any of it? do you ever stop to think of what we once were? 
i could stay and force some answers out of you. force a different behavior that might give me some satisfaction, but it’s not enough. it won’t give me back the person i once loved. i know if you cared, you wouldn’t have made that mistake. if you really cared, you wouldn’t have done it twice. this is where i wake up and decide that the best thing i could do, is to let go. of you. of everything we’ve been through. and all i could say is thank you, for being one of the reasons i am who i am today.