A Message to Anyone Close to Me

Writer: Mariam El Sanabary

Editor: Khaled Mohammed

I always try to be by your side, and I’m sorry if I missed that night when you were alone and needed me. I hope you understand that sometimes I need some time alone.

Honestly, you’re the ones who always ask about me. I admit that I also say “I’m sorry, I was busy”, but it’s the truth. I know you believe me, but when it happens again and again, it’s normal to doubt.

Aside from trivial things like school and family, there is someone who is bullying me. I try to stop him, but he never leaves me alone. No worries though, I usually win against him.

I know you want to stop him and help me, but it’s a fight only I can win, because he lives inside me. I have an abusive mind, but I’m taming it. I have a beating heart that doesn’t feel, so please forgive me for being busy.

I will call you when I heal.