Gratitude Makes Joy

Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Huge hydrogen masses in space make up beautiful blasting fires that emit light; we call them stars. Cold water droplets mix with floating specks of dust and make up delicate ice crystals; we call them snowflakes. 
The universe’s greatest things are all made up of tinier things.
You can sit in the sun and feel its heat upon your skin. Feel the grass beneath your palms.
Draw something in the white sand before watching the sea wash it away.
You can feel grateful that it happened, grateful that you did it.
Instead of letting one ugly thought make its way into your light and seep through your feelings of relaxation, something as small as a sad thought or a thought of dissatisfaction that shouldn’t even exist, you should seek joy in what’s around you and let go of anything that stops you from doing that.
Some days, you could feel uncomforted, but it shouldn’t stop you from being grateful to the little things that make big differences.
You always mix yellow and purple and wonder why they give you black, but little did you know that black can make beauty too. 
You should teach your brain to appreciate the present and make it’s future better. Teach your heart to fall in love with every little moment that could make a big difference. Let it sit for a little and remember it with a smile.
Joy doesn’t make gratitude; it’s gratitude that makes joy.