Serendipitous Things to Live For

Writer: Malak Mahmoud
Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

And even though they constantly send this burning sensation of impossibility through my veins, I somehow live for them—my goals and dreams and hopes, and my very own self; how I want myself to be. How I imagine myself to shine even though it’s quite dark and lackluster right now.The act of living through the darkness itself is rather heroic: it is so difficult to hunt for a frail beam of light when all what you can see is absolute nothingness, bleakness, and unpleasant messed up tints.

Yet when you just realise that there’s something beautiful within—even though you can’t catch a glimpse of it now—this mere realisation will light up something inside you. It will recharge you with the eagerness to go through arid lands and sweeping hurricanes, because at the end there’s something; and this particular “something” is so variable and indefinite and vague—it could simply be an unexpected revelation or stepping out of a cloud you’ve been enveloped in or getting over an old wound. And this blooming could be gradual: throughout your adventure, you’ll learn something new day by day; the events that happen to you, the various emotions that bustle within, the continuous ticking of your brain, the people you meet—all the small things that pop into your life sculpture you, and you have to make this process of sculpting as beautiful as possible to suite the epic masterpiece you are.