Day 35 of Quarantine: Forgiveness?

Guest writer: Ranna Elmishtawy

Editor: Doaa Essam

Do we need to forgive to survive what we’ve been through? Do we really need to forget in order to carry on with our lives? Can we forgive the people who hurt us but didn’t mean to? Can we ever forgive the toxic people who stole the shine in our souls and sparkle in our eyes? Broke our hearts into a million pieces everyday? The answer is YES; do you want to know why?

Forgiveness is for tough people. It can’t happen in one night, and you certainly have to fight yourself until you do it.

You’ll never forget what you’ve been through, but you’ll learn to let it go.

Forgive but don’t forget how toxic they were.

Forgive but don’t forget how they made you feel. 

Forgive but don’t forget how they always made you hate yourself. 

Forgive but don’t  forget how they left you.

Don’t ever forget how they chose them over you and how this very action broke your heart a little bit more every time. 

Don’t forget how you cried yourself to sleep everyday just trying to forget how cold-hearted they were.

Don’t forget how many times you broke down and regretted the fact that you wanted to forgive them.

So forgive. Forgive and let it go and stop asking yourself if you weren’t enough or if you did anything wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong; you just did everything perfectly for the wrong people. They loved you, but when their feelings started to change, they couldn’t let you go, and they couldn’t treat you right, so here you are.

So forgive, but most importantly, don’t forget what you learned from your mistake.