Mind vs. Heart

Writer: Nesrina Ahmed

I’ve killed my heart,

Thinking I was saving my mind.

But now I lost both.

Because I didn’t know how to control my mind when it got cruel,

 Or tame the violent thoughts dancing in my head.

I couldn’t control all of that without a heart.

And so I killed my mind, too.

     Have you ever considered the importance of our beating hearts?

     The first thought that pops into our heads whenever we hear some bad news, especially when there’s cruelty involved, we wonder “Why would someone do such a thing? Don’t they have a heart?”

     But they do have a heart, except that they’ve extracted that petite part that let them feel.

     Most humans think that letting their hearts rule their worlds is a foolish way to live and that whoever listens to his/her heart, will get hit by the train of life. They think it’s complete madness to step into a place without asking your mind first. Your heart will lead you to your demise, they say. But none of this is true. You’re not naive if you let your heart speak. Listening to your heart doesn’t make you an idiot.

     Our hearts stop us from committing cruel acts; they block our evil thoughts and stop them before becoming something more than just random thoughts. Hearts simply protect us from doing anything that would affect us or our communities negatively.

     Have you ever thought of what would happen if we caged our hearts and let our minds think and feel for us instead? If we let our mind follow its plans and ignore our heart’s desires? Have you ever thought of how that would ruin our lives? Or how that would affect us in general?

     Well, there are plenty of examples for those who block their hearts and allow their minds to control them. I think most of us have seen and interacted with that one person who never lets people into his/her life easily, who thinks before each and every step he/she takes. That one person that makes his mind the leader and his heart a prisoner. Of course, those people have their reasons and most of them are deeply scarred by something, but let’s just talk about how their mind affects them.

     The very first thing their mind tells them is that they have to build a shield around their hearts, one that is vast, unbreakable and so powerful that they gradually lose their hearts behind that shield. Their heart slowly starts to fade and disappear. The second thing their mind does is analyze every single change around it and throw some suspicious questions here and there. This, of course, makes the person think of everything as a conspiracy, as if life is only a very huge mathematical equation they must solve.

     It’s like once a person decides to use only his/her mind, they immediately turn into a robot. Sometimes an evil robot that only seeks destruction.

     We’re born with hearts for a reason. Ignoring your heart and sticking with your mind leads you nowhere, so don’t ever think that you’re protecting your heart or being smart when you ignore it! You should use your mind as well as your heart, you need both and they need one another. You can’t erase either of them, because if you do, it will be forsaking nature.