Thank You

Writer: Zenub Salem

What happened? Was it me or was it you? Was my love too soon or was yours too late? Was I not good enough? Which part of me wasn’t? Was it my hair? Was it my body? Was it my soul? Or was it just the concept of me being yours itself? But, how? You told me my eyes were a universe like no other. You told me that my lips tasted like honey. You told me my smile is the brightest star. You told me my soul was so pure that you were amazed every time you touched it. You made me feel special. You made me feel like I’m the every in thing. You made me feel like no one is like me. Why did you break me? I loved you since my mind opened the affection concept. I gave you everything I could. I showed you a world you claimed you’ve never seen before. Did I deserve all of that? Did I deserve all this pain? Did I deserve you lying to me? Did I deserve you holding someone instead of me? You held her so tight. I saw her. I saw you. I saw happiness I never thought existed. I saw it in your eyes. My eyes were bulked up with tears. I don’t know whether it was the fear of losing you or the anger at the scene. I sat at the corner. I scanned every glance. I saw every smile. I glanced at how you revealed words with your eyes. I scanned how you made her smile. A tear dropped after every scene you replicated with her. How are you able to go on and love her? How did you make her feel? Why didn’t you tell me? Tell me why! Why did you let me fall in when you were falling out? Was it funny? Did you like it? Do you feel manly now? When I came and told you to confess, you denied. Why!!! Why deny? I wouldn’t be as hurt as I am now. I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough. I’m sorry I’m not her. We could’ve been friends, but you chose the other path. The other path is hatred. All I feel is disgust. I told you I saw you. All you did was stay silent. Silence! Really! That’s your answer? Now I left you. I left you to love her. I left you to lie to her. Most importantly, I came back to me. The me that didn’t deserve all I did to her. The me that deserves respect. I don’t deserve this disgrace. I deserve to be treated like any woman should be. I deserve to give as equally as I take. Thank you for the lesson. Never come crying to me after she leaves. You know why? Never come because I will never accept a person who had me and saw another woman. I’m a lady, and you better treat me like one. Thank you for teaching me that before you love, you have to make sure he will treat you equally.