Losing Loved Ones

Writer: Rawan Elkahky

They are sometimes here and other times not. One day they are hugging you, and the other they are not. They say they will be with us forever, but their forever is different from ours. They get us attached to them and suddenly leave like the air breeze. And suddenly, we are only strangers with some memories. Most people think losing people they love is like death. But sometimes, it’s another case, and that is what I am talking about. They are dead to us, but they still breathe. We lost them, but others found them. They slowly drift away with no explanation. 

    People tend to share everything with their loved ones, such as their problems, insecurities, hopes, and secrets. It is a genuinely nice feeling when you have a person to always talk to when you are feeling low. But after all these years of strong friendships you may discover it wasn’t strong at all, and you could find yourself lost with all the memories. You try to detect what was the problem of the failed friendship/relationship. But you can’t figure it out because there was no reason, and that alone hurts the most. They left you without a reason and without talking to you so you can figure it out together. They chose to stay away. Sometimes, we try to act like we are okay with it; we lie to ourselves, but we still know that regardless of what they did to us, we still love them because they were a part of our life, we shared everything with them, and they left a piece of them in our hearts. Aside from all of this love inside us, if they ever come back, we will never let them enter our lives again. It is a hard choice, but they broke us in the first place. We still wish we were with them, but sadly we are not. My only advice when you deal with this is keeping yourself busy and forget them. They only bring brutal inner storms to us. Be okay with it. We lost someone who didn’t love us, but they lost someone who did. They hurt us, but we will eventually move on. They’ll then know that we’re over them. Because that’s life; you hurt and get hurt, but you still move on.